Do you know the answers to these questions about Co Q-10?

Why should I supplement with Co Q-10?

As we get older, our natural Co Q-10 levels decline, especially in the heart, other organs and tissues with high-energy requirements, and in outer layers of the skin. Co Q-10 supplement may assist in keeping these levels up, especially as we get older.

Can I get Co Q-10 from my diet?

Although Co Q-10 can be found in foods like fish, pork, and beef, we may not obtain enough Co Q-10 in our daily diets, especially as cooking methods like frying reduces the natural Co Q-10 content in these foods. Following a plant-based diet may also mean lower Co Q-10 intake. By taking a Co Q-10 supplement, this gap in our diet may be filled.

How does Co Q-10 work?

Co Q-10 is needed for the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is the energy our body cells use to perform their daily activities optimally. Certain cells in the body are more metabolically active and have higher energy requirements. Co Q-10 levels are naturally higher in the heart and skeletal muscles for this reason.

I take a statin and my doctor recommended I take Co Q-10, why?

Studies have found that statins deplete Co Q-10 levels in the body. A Co Q-10 supplement can help replenish what a statin medication might deplete. Please be aware that Co Q-10 is not intended as a replacement for statin therapy, nor should you discontinue any prescription medication while supplementing with Co Q-10.

Is Co Q-10 an energy stimulant or will give you the "jitters"?

Although Co Q-10 helps the body produce energy, this energy production is at a cellular level so Co Q-10 will not give you the sudden energy boost you may get from consuming caffeine or a sugary snack.

If I take a multivitamin and mineral every day, do I need Co Q-10?

Most multivitamin and mineral supplements contain no or very low quantities of Co Q-10. Additionally to support absorption, Co Q-10 is best taken in a softgel along with a meal. Co Q-10 supplementation may be especially important as we age as our Co Q-10 levels naturally decline as we get older.

Should I only supplement with Co Q-10 in the ubiquinol form?

Co Q-10 is also called ubiquinone and is converted into the body to its reduced and active form called ubiquinol. While ubiquinol is an advanced form for those looking for increased absorption, supplementation with ubiquinone is sufficient to raise Co Q-10 levels in the body.

Is Co Q-10 easily absorbed in tablets or in powder form?

Efficient absorption of any ingredient is dependent on a variety of factors, but with Co Q-10, delivery form is of particular importance. Taking Co Q-10 in a softgel rather than in a powder form makes Co Q-10 more absorbable.

Can I stop my cholesterol-lowering medication if I use Co Q-10?

No. Co Q-10 is not intended to serve as a replacement for statin medication, nor should you discontinue taking any prescribed medications while supplementing with Co Q-10 without consulting your doctor.

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