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Why To Wear the Mask

Why to wear a medical mask

Nowadays, due to the impact of the epidemic, almost everyone must wear a mask when traveling, so why wear a medical mask? Today, the editor of ordinary medical masks will introduce to you: Wearing medical masks reflects two purposes, either to protect the wearer or to protect the environment. Wearing any mask will block saliva droplets from talking or coughing, which is protective to others or the environment; most people wear masks to protect themselves, such as preventing air pollutants, or reducing infection This is the main purpose of professional medical masks. At home and abroad, professional medical masks are mainly represented by particulate protective masks, medical surgical masks and medical protective masks. They have applicable national standards or industry standards. Products must be tested and certified before they can be used in work. In terms of protective effects and application methods, there will be some overlaps and overlaps between different masks, each with its own characteristics. The above is the editor's introduction to you why you should wear a medical mask, I hope to help you!